Special Poems

To Make You Feel Better

Our World

Sometimes the world seems funnny to me.

People are as different as they can be, their

personalities are strange to me. Their features are purely creativity.

Their voices are movements of wind, their smile is a simple grin.

Their anger is a show of needed respect.

Their tears are an ocean of sadness.

Itīs the glue that holds us together,

itīs the bond that we must have in order to grow in happiness.

We are all different in our own way.

Growing together day by day.

To live with one another, to laugh without a bother.

Itīs what our world was truly meant to be, to live

with one another in harmony

Yari Gonzalez


I am a girl with a passion for Poetry.

I have made this site for you and everyone else

So enjoy and take care!


Lots of Love



(Ps, light candles, put some fluffy pillows around you

 maybe some aroma around you to, Ds) 

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